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Are you a functioning sales organization that is looking for opportunities for a further growth? In case you have a stable portfolio of customers you can expand the scale of your services of another unique aspect. In case you have a network of sales representatives or a call-centre then you can diversify their offer with a very well sold product which with its directness and clarity literally opens the door. In a partnership with us you can focus on sales and customer care while we do the technical part.

What are we going to arrange for you?


  • A unique product that will help you clearly and comprehensibly approach especially a demanding customer that wants to be seen on the internet. A typical satisfied customer renews a contract for a number of years.

  • Training of your sales representatives - how to present the product, what to explain and what to commit to - clear and exact introduction of the campaign minimizes later complaint procedures and maximizes campaigns renewals.
  • Promotional Materials - in case you decided to sell under our brand AdTopi we will provide promotional materials for you
  • Pricelists - in the wild world of PPC advertisement a very similar to a stock exchange we can calculate firm and comprehensible monthly prices - the basic specification of our service AdTopic .fix AdTopic.
  • Consultations - even during a sales meeting - what to sell to whom and what would not be the best choice, what is hot on the internet and what is wasted money.
  • Everyday placing of adverts - a more difficult activity from time and process perspective - the spine of our service.
  • A possibility of care under your heading - you can /but you don't have to/ leave your complaint procedures to us in a direct contact with a customer under the logo of your firm.

And what is left to you?

  • A preparation of www presentation and promotional materials - if you decide to sell your product under your brand.
  • Finding clients
  • Sales realization - compilation of particular advertised expressions and target positions /garanci/ suitable for a particular prospective buyer from the efficiency and price perspective.
  • Customer care - handling of complaints and small modifications of campaigns during its process /we can take over and even in case of selling under your brand/
  • Invoicing and debts recovery /we can take over in case of a sale under Ad Topic AdTopic).

Standard forms of partnerships

Regional partner - a seller of information technology or web design firm in a regional town - based on passive marketing you can expect 5-10 orders in an approximate value of 10000CZK/400Euro monthly. A provision of 1-15% under the name Ad Topic AdTopic).

National Partner - a sales firm - a one medium talented sales representative selling only our service can bring a revenue of app. 15000 Euro per month. Selling under the brand Ad Topic AdTopic). or under own name.
Exclusive national partner - the only in a given state. We dare to estimate that the financial revenue of the AdTopic. Fix Service is 60 000 Euro for 10 mil. Inhabitants per month - with regards to a limited amount of front positions on search engines, with regards to limited amount of words and based on our experience from CZ and SK. The service Ad Topic AdTopic). Management has generally higher limit. Selling under the AdTopic brand or under own name.

Available regions

The following table represents an overview of regions in which technically and organisationally we manage to provide our service and where we look for partners. When it comes to other states please contact us.

Region Partnership
Czech Republic
Regional partner
National partner
Slovak republic
Regional partner
Poland Regional partner
National partner
Regional partner
National partner
Exclusive national partner
Ukraine Regional partner
National partner
Exclusive national partner
Russia Regional partner
National partner
Exclusive national partner
Other states
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