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In case you have available capital do think about an opportunity to invest into a dynamic segment of online advertising. Every year cut by its means a bigger and bigger share of the cake of company investments into advertising and participate on an inevitable taking over of an extra share of printing advertisement. Evaluate your capital with a good feeling for ecological progress.

Prospects of online advertising

Expenditure on advertising differs considerably with different type of advertising. Nevertheless, according to the data from the World Magazine Trends 2010 - 2011 ( total expenditure on advertising

  • in Czech Republic made 3.121 bil. USD in 2009,
  • in Russia it was 6.428 bil. USD,
  • in Poland - 2.197 bil. USD,
  • in Ireland - 2.238 bil. USD,
  • in Germany - 23.927 bil. USD
  • and in France - 12.280 bil. USD.

Expenditure on online advertisement in Europe in 2009:

  • 336 mil. USD in CR,
  • 598 mil. USD in Russia,
  • 156 mil. USD in Ireland,
  • 257 mil. USD in Poland,
  • 3.746 bil. USD in Germany,
  • and 2.109 bil. USD in France

still has not reached expenses from advertising in printed media:

  • 951 mil. USD in CR,
  • 4.605 bil. USD in Russia,
  • 1.25 bil. USD in Ireland,
  • 257 mil. USD in Poland,
  • 13.056 bil. USD in Germany
  • and 3.315 bil. USD in France

and on TV:

  • 1.490 bil. USD in CR,
  • 3.579 bil. USD in Russia,
  • 434 mil. USD in Ireland,
  • 1.141 bil. USD in Poland,
  • 5.058 bil. USD in Germany,
  • and 4.196 bil. USD in France.

While mainly advertising on search engines is a very useful tool aiming directly at a paying customer - the one who is actively looking for service or a product. Prognosis unambiguously speak for online advertising and of a double figure growth we can expect in the next two decades. In population rich countries like Russia and Ukraine with a relatively lower penetration of the internet the potential of growth is even twice as high.


From other providers of online advertising we differ mainly by the service Ad Topic AdTopic).fix by which to our clients /and clients of our partners/ provide stable places on front positions. We can say that this way we aim at a group of high profiles advertisers that require first class service for a reasonable price. At the same time we intensively use a number of software applications tailor-made to our needs with their help we reduce the amount of difficult manual work of our employees everywhere where it is possible/everywhere possible


Despite we manage our entrepreneur activities with a slightly laid back attitude and the relationship with our clients and partners we rather enjoy than pursue combat marketing strategies that would maximize the profit, during seven years we reached a yearly revenue of hundreds of thousands Euro. Our sales model based mainly on the specific service Ad Topic AdTopic).fix we have relatively successfully tested in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Except our own portfolio of customers we cooperate with two big retail partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Capacity of Our Model

We can very well imagine and slowly we are working on an expansion of our model into countries like Poland, Ukraine, Russia or Hungary here there are similar conditions like in CZ and a language barrier is minimal - the availability of employees speaking Russian, Ukrainian or Polish is in our place of work - Prague without any problems. From a financial and process perspective It would be more difficult to transfer our model to Germany or USA, but even this could/would be feasible.The opportunity for your capital

Without bigger obstacles and practically without changes in our firm processes we are ready to accept your capital in the amount from 200 000 Euro - 2 mil Euro and provide you profit with app. 10% P.A. /before taxation/.
If apart from a capital rise you were interested in an active organization of a firm or its more vigorous expansion to new markets, or possibly on more intensive exploitation of already occupied markets, it is possible. It is possible to aim at a higher profit. Of course a hand in hand with a risk that your organizational changes or intentions will not bring the planned utility and the investment will bring less than our humble offer of 10%.

The Ethics of the Capital

Next to the natural need of trade to maximise profits we value comfort at work and inner peace from a well performed work. Which is why we ask every potential investor not to test the firmness of our moral principles by providing capital where there is no obvious transparent origin. Apart from sources that are beyond law we would have a dilemma even from sources that are on edge with the law - playing machines, lotto's, loans aimed at executions, tobacco business etc.

In case you are interested

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions.

For investors