About Servis IT, s.r.o.

Firm Servis IT, s.r.o. is registered in the Czech Republic at the Registration Court in Prague under C 149870 as a company with limited liability with one owner - a physical person with Czech nationality.

The history of the firm goes back to 2004 when it started functioning as a separated division in a frame of a friendly firm oriented on IT. The division Servis IT was focused on selling and providing advertisements on the internet , especially on Google search engine. The specification of the service offered was to aim at the front positions and provide stable front positions to our customers.

In the year 2005 our service successfully expanded to Slovakia.

In 2007 we started our first partner cooperation with our Slovakian wholesale partner who took over marketing activities in Slovakia. We have kept our own Slovakian customers.

In 2008 we started our second partner cooperation with a sales firm in the Czech Republic which by means of tens of their customers offer the service in the Czech Republic.

From an initially experimental offer became a well functioning division that by turnover and profit exceeded the profit of the friendly mother firm. In 2009 the division of Servis IT therefore became independent and registered also as a Service IT company s.r.o.

Our priority is a stable and satisfied relationship between our employees and customers, partners and their customers.