Our Work

Regardless if you are our customer, partner or a potential employee or you are only interested in what is hidden behind the useful motto "providing internet advertising", we will gladly introduce our activities to you in detail.

We take care of advertisements

The absolute majority of our time and personal sources is consumed by caring for advertisements despite we try at maximum to use automated solutions /software and databases/ where ever possible. The life cycle of an internet campaign can be introduced in this way:

  • Campaign creation - requires a creative approach, in case of exactly ordered terms our advert must catch attention more than adverts of competition/more than our competitors. In case of campaigns with a guaranteed amount of proclicks we have to creatively find atypical expressions, which people look for on the internet and which are not occupied by competition. In both cases it applies accordingly that even for a slightest failure in creativity we will uncomfortably pay by money.
  • Running a campaign - even a well established/launched campaign is often a target of system failures or turns of advertising systems when e.g. required minimal sums are changing like the weather. Dropout we have to track in time, correct and restart the campaign. Apart from system dropouts there are still wildly active competing advertisers with whom we have to fight at the places where we guarantee positions, or better follow their recess from the fight so that we would not invest more money than necessary. Even here applies - a deprived care leads to a termination of the campaign or on the contrary to a breathtaking wasting of sources. Creative processes from the initiation of the campaign/launching the campaign we often repeat during its running.
  • Evaluation of the campaign - an ending campaign needs to be evaluated with help of final statistics, proposing a replacement of inefficient expressions with more efficient ones, a completion of the campaign or on the other hand identify overpriced expressions and recommend a client a withdrawal from these positions.

We develop

The best rules and methods that we have reached during our years of activity in fields of an online advertising we formulate and submit to programmers for a programme development. We automate our manual work especially care for adverts and in time assessment of traps and opportunities during the campaigns running. Despite in the fight a human versus a machine in our firm still wins human creativity, without our programs it would have been already suffocated by the huge amount of routine work which we managed to move onto the machines.

We consult

 The campaign itself is usually preceded by consultations of needs of an advertiser and possibilities of advertising systems, which we make accessible with our services. The saying - "a good piece of advice pays more than gold" applies in the field of online advertising as much as anywhere else which declare cases of advertising campaigns, which by their thoughtless submitters - amateurs wasted even hundreds of thousands crowns /tens of thousands Euro/ without an adequate gain. To our customers we recommend what costs reasonably enough and brings effect and our partners we teach to recommend the same to their customers.

We value

A specific activity - when arranging the service AdTopic.fix - is a calculation of price for each guaranteed position. The systems of PPC advertisement function on the base price for a proclick. This is not easily arranged because it varies a lot. And even if known it doesn't provide any clear idea on how much the advertising will cost e.g. for a typical period of half a year. A monthly price is however exactly what the advertiser wants to know so that he could include an advertising on a given place for him requested expressions. This is our specific ability given by years of experience and constantly evolving knowledge of prices on the online market.

We sell

And naturally we offer our services to potential customers and with existing clients we renew the campaigns, which often is an opportunity for restructuring of the content of ordered services. The majority of our sales deals we close by a phone and email. When it comes to a face to face meeting that is more in a focus of our partners - sales networks for which we provide materials and phone consultations often even during the duration of the negotiations. Selling is the second biggest aspect of our time costs at the end of the list we mention it only because it is obvious.


Our Work